Quality management

A proven quality management system based on German, European, and globally recognized food standards is available for safeguarding and further developing product quality. Regular, unannounced quality audits in accordance with these quality standards (e.g. IFS and BRC) as well as controls by the organic control authority and other certification bodies confirm the high quality level of the manufactured products several times a year.

The ecological orientation of the production processes is based on the specifications of an energy management system designed in accordance with DIN ISO 50 001.

Foundations of our quality management system

  • Inspected ingredients from reliable suppliers from safe countries of origin

Since the qualities of our products are largely determined by the ingredients, all raw materials required for our formulations undergo an extensive selection process without exception. In doing so, the authenticity of the ingredients, the quality assurance systems of the respective suppliers, as well as the safety of the raw material countries of origin are scrutinized.

  • 100% Naturalness

Our ultimate goal is the natural purity of our produced food. As a general rule, we do not use additives or preservatives.

  • Traceability of all ingredients and packaging materials

The complete traceability of all processed raw materials, packaging materials, and production data is a matter of course for us. 

  • Transparent and gentle production technologies

We only use resource-saving technologies for our products. We deliberately avoid using preservatives.

  • Supplier qualification

Each supplier is qualified by supplier queries, extensive analyses, or on-site inspections. Qualification involves requiring our suppliers to comply with generally accepted social standards in the extraction of raw materials.

  • Employee responsibility

STUTE Nahrungsmittelwerke employees control, question, and maintain the QM system. All the data is collected and documented for this purpose. This system supports complete traceability from approval, ordering, and delivery of raw materials and packaging materials to the loading of finished goods.

Quality assurance

STUTE is committed to the highest quality standards. Therefore, all our products are subject to quality assurance measures, which are additionally verified by an independent specialist institute for fruit and vegetable technology. All these measures to ensure our quality are integrated into our quality management system. This is defined and adhered to according to IFS and BRC specifications. Our QM system is controlled and maintained by qualified STUTE employees. In addition, we are regularly monitored by external experts via announced and unannounced audits.

That makes us

  • Best quality
  • Sustainability at all levels
  • Tailored products
  • Innovations